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Ok guys ive been thinking for a little we might need a system or rules for when a nation wants to gain more territory than they are normally allowed. Please note this is only to be used on rare occasions.

I have come up with three situations where a nation can appeal for additional territory.

Situation 1:- when a nation wants to conquer/acquire the remaining provinces of a country. In this instance the nation in question must control 70% or more of that country. For example, if a country has 12 provinces and the nation controls 7, then they can apply to acquire the other 5 provinces. This could include their 3 provinces for the fortnight or not but the nation will have to say and the Judge agree.

Situation 2:- A nation wants to conquer/acquire a number of islands that RP for individually would be extremely time consuming (to put it mildly). In this instance this would require the nation to specify which islands they want either by annotated screen shot or in writing. This could include their 3 provinces for the fortnight or not but the nation will have to say and the Judge agree.

Situation 3:- A nation wants to group a number of provinces together to make a fictional nation to war with. In this case you need to know what the provinces are and it will include their 3 provinces gains for the fortnight.

In terms of situation 1 & 3 the maximum number of provinces that can be taken are 6. In terms of situation 2 that depends on the location (though the more islands the more chance that it will cost them their 3 provinces gains for the fortnight)

In all 3 situations, the nation must provide a reason to the Supreme Judge. The Supreme Judge will make a decision, and decide if the there will be any conditions such as it takes their 3 province expansion for the fortnight or that they cant expand again for 2 weeks etc. Then before informing the nation of the outcome, The Supreme Judge must come to the Founder to get it approved. If Founder says no (and must provide a reason) then it can't happen. (The reason why it's the Founder and not the President is because the Founder controls the Role Play)

In all cases, the request and outcome will need to be logged on the forum.

Also this appeal process is only to used in rare cases not every fortnight.

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