New Government Information Edit

All legislation created prior to today 20th September 2018 will still be in effect but will now responsibilities set out under the previous government titles or branches will be under new ones. As such responsibilities held by the Map Committee and Role Play Committee will now reside with the Role Play Ministers. The Judicial Branch dues well be performed by the Founder (Monarch), The President (Delegate) and Vice President. There well be Discord Server Moderators who will help to maintain order within the Discord Server. Finally there well be the creation of a Foreign Affairs Minister for the establishment and promotion of the region to other regions via embassies.

It is important to note that not there well be the opportunity to increase the ministry positions as and when the need arises.

Power Structure Edit


It is important to note that the day to day running of the Solar Alliance well be managed by the President and Vice President who are elected members of the region. With the Monarch acting in theory during times of Emergency or server unrest within the region.

Region Members Edit

Ultimately we are all bond to the will and power of the members of the region as such major changes should be run by the members of the region before they are implemented. This should include both gaining feedback on the changes and then a vote on it. For the vote to pass it must pass with a majority decision and should follow all citizenship laws that are already in place within the region.

Polls should be conducted either via the Region page on Nationstate or Via Strawpoll. In the case of the latter it should only be used when the former is unavailable, in addition a record of the results must be kept.

Elections Edit

  • President - The President is elected by World Assembly Endorsements and is subject to change at any time. During periods of rapid change and instability within the position. Then the Vice President will hold temporary Presidential Powers, with the backing of the Monache till the Delegate position becomes stable.
  • Vice President - The Vice President is elected every quarter and anyone is able to run for the position providing they are a citizen of the region.
  • Role Play Ministers - There are two position for this ministry and elections are held every Quarter. Anyone is eligible to run for the positions providing they are citizens of the region.
  • Foreign Affairs Minister - This position is elected either Quarterly or half yearly dependable on the desire for the position. The reason for the different election schedule is due to it being ministry position of less important to the regions main aim which is Role Play.

Election Schedule Edit

  • 1st Quarter Elections should take place in March
  • 2nd Quarter Elections should take place in June
  • 3rd Quarter Elections should take place in September
  • 4th Quarter Elections should take place in December

Inactivity Edit

If a Minister becomes inactive for a period of two weeks or more and is unable to fulfill their duties then they can automatically be removed by the President and/or Vice President and a new election can be held for the position. However, if there is a genuine reason for the inactivity then that should be taken into account.

Historic Records Edit


  • East Teutonia - 25th July 2017 - Present

Vice President

  • La Union de Afrique de Ouest - 1st September 2018 to Present

Role Play Ministers

  • Wulworth 3rd October 2018 to Present (or 3rd October 2018 (Resigned))
  • Texizona 3rd October 2018 to Present
  • Auseraelia 3rd October 2018 to Present (or Temporary till Wulworth comes back)

Foreign Affairs Minister

  • .... to Present

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