Section 1

  • Article 1:The Solar Alliance will establish a Regional Cooperation and Recruitment Department or RCRD
  • Article 2: RCRD will be tasked with managing Foreign Relations:
    • Opening Embassies
    • Appointing subordinates to engage in a diplomatic manner with other regions (appointees must be confirmed by SASC)
    • Will be responsible for the recruitment efforts of the Solar Alliance
    • Will be responsible for forming closer bonds with other Role Playing and None Role Playing Regions.

Section 2

  • Article 1: Regional Cooperation and Recruitment Department will be led by RCRD Head
  • Article 2: To be eligible to become RCRD Head, the nation must be currently in good standing with the region, and cannot hold another position of power within the region's government.
  • Article 3: RCRD Head will be able to appoint subordinate Aids to assist in the business of the Regional Cooperation and Recruitment Department but must be confirmed by the SASC
  • Article 4: RCRD Head or his subordinates may be dismissed at anytime by a majority vote from the SASC (with appropriate cause), by the Delegate or Founder.
  • Article 5: RCRD Head will be elected every 3 months

Section 3

  • Article 1: Regional Cooperation and Recruitment Department will be responsible for seeking permission for the Solar Alliance to adopted as their primary Role Play region
  • Article 2: Regional Cooperation and Recruitment Department would need to seek permission from the Founder, Delegate and SASC first before approaching another region about this

Inspired by a proposal from Danku, Ideas put forward by the SASC and Forestavia

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