The Empire of Parakka was founded over a 150 years ago by the then King Antony Atreides, who by marrying into one of the Elvian races known as the Caiwarin formed the Parakkan Empire. With the aid of the Caiwarin Elves the Empire of Parakka quickly dominated one of their closest rivals, the Dwarf Clan Thorrik, who had position of a number of mines in the area which had vital resources. However, Empress Braigel managed to convince Antony to instead of making the Dwarfs a servitude race, make them equals in the Empire.

Around 100 years ago The Empire was invaded by the Kingdom of Mipan, who wanted to expand to new territory and saw the resources the Empire possed and decided to try and take them. This led to a 30 year war between the two factions only coming to end whan King Miplan was killed in the Battle of Mallowcastle. After this defeat the remaining forces of the Kingdom of Mipan retreated into their own territory only to be pursued by Parakkan Forces who crushed any opposition. Whilst those who held claim to the throne of Mipan were killed the rest of the citizens were incorporated into the Empire.

Race Characteristics

  • Humans
    • Ears: Round
    • Hair colour: brown, black, blond & Grey (old age)
    • Skin Colour: White or Brown
    • Eye Colour: Brown, Blue. Green, Violet, Grey
    • Average height: Men 6ft, Women 5.5ft
    • Capable of using magic
    • Age range: 0 - 100
  • Elves
    • Ears: Pointy
    • Hair colour: Brown, Grey, Blond and Black
    • Skin Colour: White
    • Eye Colour: Blue. Green, Violet, Grey
    • Average height: Men 6ft, Women 5.6ft
    • Strong in Magic
    • More Agile than humans and Dwarfs
    • Greater dexterity than humans
    • Age range: 0 - 1000
    • Known for their affinity to woodland and nature
    • Doesn't reproduce as much as Humans and Dwarfs
  • Dwarfs
    • Ears: Pointy
    • Hair colour: Brown, black, Red & Grey (old age)
    • Skin Colour: White
    • Eye Colour: Blue. Green, Brown
    • Average height: Men 4.5ft, Women 4.3ft
    • Few can use magic
    • Known for their affinity to Stone and the Underground


Humans require Spirit Stones to be able to use magic. Whilst Elves are able to use the Ancient Language to cast spells. Dwarfs, also use the Ancient Language to cast spells but they are not as powerful as Humans and Elves when it comes to magic, in addition Dwarfs posses very few spellcasters.

Other Races & Creatures

  • Urgal - Are roughly humanoid in appearance, with grayish skin, bowed legs and thick arms. They have yellow, piggish eyes, claws on their hands in place of nails, and a pair of long, twisted horns protruding from above their ears. Urgals can be anywhere from six to nine feet tall: an Urgal's height depends mostly on heredity factors. Urgals like Dwarfs are limited in their ability to use magic. Furthermore Urgals live in tribes usually in the forest mountains.
  • For Creatures please see Unique or Unusual Creatures

Gar Jenna


Gar Jenna is the capital of the Empire and rests on the North Coast. The city was built first by the Caiwarin Elves as a coastal town enabling them to trade with other nations and other Elvish Kingdoms. However, as the years went by the built more defences to stop raiders from the Kingdom of Atreides, where were known to try and raid the town.

Around 400 years ago the town had grown beyond what it was first intended to be with merchants and other civilians from the various races now living there and benefiting from the cities wealth. It was then that it was decided that keep needed to be built in order to house the military that had become a regularly feature of the city over the years. 230 years ago it was decided after a brief war with an Urgal Tribe known as Eshz which had resulted in the city being attacked and large sections of it being destroyed. That it needed a defensible wall as such the Dwarf Clan of Thorrik were tasked to build it with Elvish instruction.

At the Founding of the Empire, the keep and fortifications where enhanced again, almost doubling in size. In addition the Port was doubled in size and ship building facilities were constructed so the Empire could build warships from the Capital city, along with being able to carry out repair work on merchant and military ships.

Army (WIP)

The Parakkan Army or Guard as it is more commonly known, is broken down into ..... types, which are then combined to form various army combinations in accordance with the needs of the Empire and situation. It is important to note that both Humans and Dwarves wear the same style of uniforms, whilst Elves have there own specialist forces. All Uniforms are generally dyed blue with various colour trimmings to denote different regiments.

Light Troops


The Light Troops are comprised of Humans only. They normally carry light armour that is flexible allowing for them to move at a quickened pace than the regular forces. Thanks to Dwarf metal work their armour is made out of thin steel that is extremely light and durable. They also carry a large round Shield and Sword again made out of strong but light weight metal. Normally Light Troops don't wear trousers unless they are operating in cold climates but it is an optional extra.

Light Troops are trained to use a Sword and Shield, along with a Spear which is their primary weapon, along with their Shield. In addition all light forces have to be able to use a Bow, not just for hunting but also to help thin out enemy numbers during battle. Normally when deployed they well be deployed in whats known as a Company consisting of 120 men. A Light Troops is generally used for Rapid Response to a problem or scouting.

Regular Troops

  • Archers
  • |Spearmen
  • Swordmen
There are three main type of Regular Forces, Swordsmen, Spearmen and Archers. What separates them from the Light Forces is their armour is thinker and more durable, In addition there duties are more suited to guarding towns and cities and large scale battles. When deployed they would be deployed as a Battalion consisting of 800 men, usually made up of 200 Archers, 300 Swordsmen and 300 Spearmen. In addition Regular Troops are made up of both Humans and Dwarfs, though Dwarfs will often use Maces or Axes instead of Swords

Heavy Troops

Knights of the silver swan armour ideas by robbiemcsweeney-db1lljy

Like with the Regular Troops these troops are open to both Humans and Dwarfs. There armour is considered the best however, whilst Dwarfen made they still are a lot less flexible than the other troop classes. As such when deployed in battle they are normally flanked by regular troops or light troops. In addition Heavy Troops are often attached to Regular Troop Battalions in order to provide additional muscle, normally they will be deployed as a Unit consisting of 25 to 50 men.

Elvan Rangers and Talons

Elven ranger tunaround wip by atohas-d7d6fe7

Elvan Rangers are very similar to Light Troops in that they as a fast response force used to either scout an area or to respond to threats in a quick manner when needed. The Main difference between Elvan Rangers and Talons is Talons are known to wear a mask and their cloths are Black. Whereas Elves wont wear masks and their cloths are usually brown or green to emphasise their connection to the wilderness. Both Rangers and Talons have to be able to use a multitude of weapons from bows to long knives in an effective manner, this makes them very deadly opponents on the battlefield. When deployed Rangers will operate in groups of 25 people, Talons on the other hand will operate in groups of 4. In addition Talons are all Spirit Stone users which adds to their threat level.


Parakkan Cavalry comes in two different types Light and Heavy. These types of cavalry determine the level of amour the rider has and there role within the army. Light Cavalry tend to be used for quick strategic strikes whilst Heavy Calvary tend to be used more for battle where the riders armour is more important.

Elven Knights

Mirkwood armoured elves

The Elven Knights are the main the main army of the old Caiwarin Elven race, whilst these knights were supported by more traditional Heavy Troops, there double bladed polearm and elven armour made them particularly deadly in close quarter combat.

Currently the Elven Knights are still deployed when needed by the Empire but for the most party they remain within their traditional territory. Save for the ones dedicated to the protection of the Emperor.

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