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Brief History

The Parakkan Star Empire has a complex history not only internally but also with the rest of its galactic neighbours. In particular the Lunars. The Empire comprises of Elves, Humans, Dwarves and Cat species. All of which have been brought together under the banner of the Star Empire.

Current Parakkan and Lunar Affairs

After a brief war with the Lunars approximately 341 years ago in which the Parakkan Empire tried to conquer The Lunar Republic and failed, peace has rained since then. With the Lunar Republic becoming one of the Star Empires biggest trading partners and supporters.

Races Within The Empire


Tau society is centred around the philosophical concept of the Greater Good, where individual Tau sacrifice their personal gain in favour of benefiting the Tau Empire as a whole. It is from this philosophy that the Tau's all-purpose motto, "For the Greater Good!", is derived. The Tau castes, although different in role and organisation, work together for the benefit of all Tau: the Earth Caste provide and produce, the Water Caste communicate and distribute, the Air Caste connect the worlds of the Tau Empire, and the Fire Caste protects and defends all the others. The external image the Tau project towards other species is that they are enlightened, altruistic and idealistic, believing in the unification of all "for the Greater Good".

However, after a bitter war with the Parakkan Star Empire over a thousand years ago, the Tau were absorbed into the Empire and their ideals were repurposed for the Empire. The Tau still hold strong to the notion of the greater good but now its more relating whats best for the Star Empire. Despite being a conquered race, they are widely respected by all the other races and are treated as primary citizens along with Elves, Humans, Twi'leks and Caitians.



typical elf

The Elves are one of the main race within the Star Empires. They are very similar to mankind only they are a lot more leaner, stronger and more agile than a lot of other races. In addition Elves live for up to three hundred years. They are also able to use Spirit Stones and The Force.



Humans were the first race within the Empire, whilst other humans have been discovered throughout the galaxy. Those within the Star Empire firmly believe they were the first humans to exist. Like Elves, humans also posses the ability to use Spirit Stones and The Force.


TwiLek male

Twi'leks were a species of tall humanoids whose skin spanned a vast array of colors, including white, orange, yellow, green, pink, blue, purple, and red. Their most distinctive feature was the pair of prehensile

appendages that sprouted from the crown or base of their skulls, known as lekku, or headtails. Although Twi'leks normally had two lekku, some individuals had four.

The species had two sexes, male and female. While males had ears with lobes resembling those of humans, females had cone-shaped hearing organs, found in the same place on the head.  Although Twi'leks naturally had blunt teeth,[53]males typically sharpened them to points.

Twi'leks were usually thin, although corpulent individuals were known to exist. Under normal circumstances, they generally had a higher body temperature than other humanoid species. Twi'leks and humans could breed to create a hybrid of the two specie. They are also able to use Spirit Stones and The Force.


Caitian Male

Caitians are a felinoid race with distinct cat-like features. As their homeworld, Cait, has been member of the Star Empire for the last 400 years. They're known throughout their Star Empire for their intelligence, curiosity, loyalty and love of beauty. Caitians' interlocking personal and clan relationships can create large family groups that sometimes number in the hundreds.

The Parakkan Fleets

  • Station used by the Empire to build and service ships
  • Station used by the Empire to build and service ships
  • Tactical Station located on the boarder or strategic locations
  • Cobra Mk4 Advanced Bomber and the Viper Mk7 Advanced Fighter
  • Used for exploration missions
  • Ships of the Parakkan Fleet
  • Dreadnought

Parakkan Fleets Consists of number of ships. Favouring carrier designs over other types of ships. This is so fighter crafts can be deployed.

The Parakkan Fleet is highly advanced defence and offensive weapon systems, along with a warp drive and Jump Drive. The latter of which is unique to the Star Empire.

(OOC: We use Battlestar Galactica style ships)

Ships of the Fleet

Light Battlestars

Fast and agile battlestars, whilst they carry a couple of squadrons worth of fighters they are often used in support roles in fleet battles system patrol ships.

  • Freyja Class Battlestar
  • Valkyrie Class Battlestar

Mixed Battlestars

Cross between Light and Heavy Battlestars, these battlestars are bigger than the Light Battlestars and as such not as agile, though their role in the navy is more demanding than their light counterparts.

  • Acropolis Class Battlestar
  • Atlanta Class Battlestar (refit)
  • Atlas Class Battlestar
  • Heracles Class Battlestar
  • Glorious Class Battlestar
  • Durga Class Battlestar

Heavy Battlestars

Strong and bigger than the previous classes, and these battlestars make up the vast majority of the navy.

  • Cerberus Class Battlestar (Mercury Block 2)
  • Mercury Class Battlestar
  • Andraste Class Battlestar
  • Fenris Class Battlestar

Advanced Battlestars

Bigger and more advanced than the Heavy Battlestars. The most advanced ships in the fleet, next to the Dreadnought class, these ships form the backbone of the Star Empire.

  • Poseidon Class Battlestar
  • Titan Class Battlestar
  • Nova Class Battlestar

Escort / Support Ships

  • Pandarus Class Missilstar
  • Guardian Class Gunstar
  • Alberio Class Gunstar
  • Banshee Class Stealthstar
  • Thor Class Warstar


  • Carlson Class Warstar Dreadnought

Typical Sector Block Fleet

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