Population: 305,948,440
Military budget:  123,563,775,000
Active frontline personnel:  1,205,603
Active reserve personnel:  2,410,020
Land Systems
Tanks: 4,500
Armored fighting vehicles: 14,020
Self-propelled Artillery: 940
Towed-artillery: 2,137
Multiple-launch rocket system: 294
Miscellaneous Vehicles: 10,250
Air Power
Fighters/Interceptors: 840
Fixed-winged aircraft:  1,450
Transport aircraft:  1,100
Trainer aircraft:  690
Helicopters:  1,500
Attack helicopters: 200
Naval Power
Aircraft Carriers: 15
Frigates: 70
Destroyers: 11
Corvettes: 21
Submarines: 40
Coastal defense craft: 143
Mine Warfare: 43
Miscellaneous Craft: 50
Resources (Petroleum)
Oil production: ... bbl/day 2,822,066
Proven oil reserves: ... bbl/day 18,654,890,000

The above template taken from New Wondour and modified by Parakka, based on Information collected from


I had to do some major editing of the figures due to the fact that i was unable to obtain information for certain parts of my nation, which obviously meant i couldn't add it to the data. In addition when i was completing my census i realised that my nation is probably one of the most oil rich in the world yet due to their various issues they don't have a large military budget. Naturally due to me not envisioning my nation having any of the issues that plague a lot of the South American nations i had to do some drastic alterations, to get the sort of reasonable figures that i believed are more fitting for my nation.

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