Basic Information on the Parakkan EmpireEdit

The Empire of Parakka, commonly called the Parakkan Empire, has a two tier government. The first tier is known as the Parakkan Senate,and debates various issues and laws that effect the Empire.  They then vote on them and their vote is submitted to the Emperor who decides if he will act on them.  The second tier of government is known as the Eternal Council.  Besides helping to create laws and ensure that the Senate behave, they are also act as the Supreme Court of the Empire.  The Senate consists of one thousand members and the Eternal Council consists of thirteen members.  

The Parakkan Empire is boarded by small Independent nations to the North and West. The Empire also has has access to both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans due to the Empires boarders spreading to from one side of the continent to the other. The Empire has an estimated population of 1.428 billion people.

The Empire has a number of Provinces within its empires boarders that are controlled by Province Councils ensuring that the needs of their respective province needs are met. These councils are elected every five years and answer to the House of Parliament and The Emperors Assembly.

Given the size of the Empire, it has played a number of roles throughout history but most recently as a peace broker between other nations. But also in helping to support other nations regarding Terrorist acts.

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