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New Parakka

Welcome to the Parakkan Information System. This is where you will be able to find out The Empire of Parakka or The Parakkan Empire. The Empire of Parakka is a nation on Nationstates. That is part of the Region known as the Solar Alliance. The Solar Alliance is mostly a role playing region that has a strong connection to various other regions.

Some of the information contained on this wiki strongly relate to the Role Play that has or is taking place within the Solar Alliance but other information may relate to future plans or back ground information to provide a more detailed understanding of the The Empire of Parakka.

Top National News Headlines (oldest headlines last)

Tarra News Network

  • "The Sound of Silence by Disturbed, remains at No:1 for the 5th week running"
  • "Flash floods hit local towns in Central Parakka"
  • "Today the Eternal Council has violated the rights of the Senate by dictating their election process"
  • "Jediism on the way out?"

Parakkan News Corporation

  • "Relations are on the up between Parakka and Forestavia"
  • "Faith of Arahin becoming more influential in Africa?"
  • "Today the Eternal Council has decided a more fairer system of election of the Senate, ensuring that the people are heard"
  • "War adverted last minute with Dilyu"

Things to possibly add in the Future

  • Finish off Religion of Rotia page
  • Parakkan Laws
  • Map of world - either none role play specific or RP specific

Latest activity

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New Parakka

The new flag of the Empire

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