Summery Edit

This bill has been approved by the Solar Alliance. It concerns multiple nations merging to become a bigger single nation.

Article One Edit

1) All nations concerned must firstly seek approval from the following members of the Solar Alliance government:-

+ One SASC Officer + Chancellor + Founder

1.1) In the event that the Solar Alliance government does not unanimously approve the merger then a majority vote will decide the outcome.

2) Once the merging nations reach a population (by nationstates) of 500 million then they must change their nation classification in the settings in such away to show they are part of a new nation

3) Once a group of nations have merged together to form a new nation, no additional nations can be added to that new nation.

Article Two Edit

1)This New Combined nation will inherit all exspansion claims per its members. Meaning if your new nation is made up of two nations then the new nation gets Six territory claims per fortnight.

2) On the World Map all nations will keep their individual colors

3) All merging nations must agree on a stance regarding war. You cannot have one nation who is agreeable to role playing war scenario and not the other(‘s)

4) A constitution or agreement must be placed on each merged nations factbooks.

4.1) The Constitution must include the following:-

+ Government Type + Capital City + Nation Collapse Clause

4.2) Nation Collapse Clause must detail how quickly any new nation can collapse and weather the former merged nations, will be in a state of war or not, as a result of that collapse.

Article Three Edit

1) At any time the Head of Role Play can dissolve a new nation, providing there is good cause. This could be because the nation is too large, because they are not acting like a single nation or because it would make for good role play. In the event of the latter he must seek approval from the Solar Alliance Goverment:-

+ One SASC Officer + President + Founder

2) New rules can be added to this Bill at any time and it is up to the nations this document relates to, to make sure they adhere to this Bill

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