The Emperor came to power on his 18th Birthday after his farther was killed by an assassin. In the 10 years that he has been Emperor he has been regarded as a calming influence on the Politics of the Empire. In addition the Emperor also brought about the creation of the Parakkan Senate which sole purpose is to debate laws and issues and then to advice the Emperor of the best course of action. The Emperor is known for being calm and having a way of calculating both people and any situation he finds himself in. The Emperor is also known for being respectful to everyone but honest when the situation require it.

Luke is also known for having very little time for Religion, and whilst he has never shown any disrespect for religion and its place in society, has always stated that it has no place in Government and has always sort to make sure that is the case.

Luke also has the maximum number of spirit stones, though he is the only living being to posses eight different spirit stones. In addition Luke is also bonded to a gold dragon called Vanilor.

Physical Appearance

  • Height- 6.1 approximately
  • Eye Colour- Blue
  • Skin Colour - Fair
  • Hair Colour - Blond
  • Weight - 18.8 Stone approximately
  • Build - Athletic


  • Several forms of Martial Arts
  • Weapons Training
  • Linguistics skills (4 languages)
  • Diplomacy training
  • Playing the Piano
  • Lip Reading
  • Sigh Language