History of the Empire


The origin of the Empire name dates back to the High Family of Parakka, who eventually became the ruling family of a small province which they named Parakka, and its people became known as Parakkans.


Kingdom of Parakka

Kingdom of Parakka was founded in 804BC. However, when it was first founded it was little more than a single province entity. In 741BC the Kingdom of Parakka began a campaign of expansion into neighboring provinces, some of this was done through war and others through political mergers (marriage). By 601BC the Kingdom of Parakka had expanded to over 20 Provinces and was becoming a real power house in the continent. However, by 600BC war broke out between the Kingdom of Parakka and Osporian Kingdom that last for 151 years.

Osporian War

The war started in 600BC, due to a group of Parakkan crossing into an Osporian province in pursuit of a criminal. However, the Osporians took exception to this and killed the Parakkan Group and subsequently invaded the Parakkan Province of Paysandu, and conquered it. As such the Kingdom of Parakka mobilised its armies and pushed the Osporians out of Paysandu and then invaded the Osporian Kingdom.

Both Kingdoms were evenly matched, which meant that most of the war took place on the boarder provinces of each kingdom. It wasn’t until 453BC that the Kingdom of Parakka finally gained the tactical advantage thanks to new tactics being deployed and also the Kingdom of Parakka sending a large army around Osporian Kingdom territory via sea and attacking them from the rear. As such the Osporians were forced to divert their forces to meet the threat from the south. Within 4 years the Osporians surrendered to the Parakkans and agreed to merge what was left of their kingdome into the Parakkan Kingdom.

After the Osporian War

Due to the war the Kingdoms forces and coffers were vastly depleted and so begain a period of consolidation and rebuilding that listed the next 300 years. During this time the Kingdom rebuilt the infrastructure of that was damaged during the war and rebuilt its armies and coffers.

However, the Kingdom also begain building a navy both military and merchant. Using the Merchant navy they were able to trade with other nations in the continent and gain more understand of their place in the world.

By the year 89BC the Kingdom of Parakka had also taken new territory on the far side of the continent, that was considered the first colony of the Parakkan Kingdom.

Golden Era

The Golden Era of the Kingdom of Parakka was said to be from 547AD to 1670AD. It was during this period of time that the Kingdom of Parakka began to expand again in the continent, not so much through force or marriage, but more though economic means. A lot of the Independent Provinces saw how successful the Kingdom was that they wanted to be apart of it, for both economic reasons but also for military reasons.

In 1501AD the Kingdom of Parakka was reformed into The Empire of Parakka with the first Emperor being Ethan Roma. It was under his leadership that the House of Parliament was born and the Empire defeated the Nomadic raiders called the Belletani.

End of the Golden Era

The End of the Golden Era was brought about when the Emperor of Howard Roma died in 1670AD with no heir to the throne. As such the House of Parliament reformed the Empire during their period of chaos into the Parakkan Republic. The Parakkan Republic was met with a number of problems in its infancy. In 1678BC the Black Death took place which saw the Republics population nearly halved. Following that matters were made worse when the President of Republic Susan Rose, in 1723AD decided to issue a decree that the High Families of the old Empire/Kingdom should surrender half their wealth to the new republic. As a result 1728AD a civil war started between the High Families and the Republic that lasted 20 years.

The Parakkan Republic Civil War

The High Families were lead by House Atreides. The Biggest and most powerful high family in the Republic. It was Arthur Atreides that organized the other High Families into an effective military to combat that of the Republic. In addition using their influence the High Families managed to cause large swaths of the Republic to break away, including the Republic Army.

The first main battle took place in 1734AD in the State of Paraná. Where both armies met for control of the state. It was here that the High Families Armies proved to the Republic that they knew how to wage war. The Battle was won by the High Families but at a cost, as casualties were high, after the battle it is estimated that the High Families Army had only 24,571 fighting men left. Whereas the Republic still had a remaining army of 48,602.

Arthur Atreides ordered 5,000 men to be trained in what would later be known as Commando training. The aim of this training was to enable small teams to be effective in Hit and Run tactics as well as causing maximum damage. This proved very successful against the Republic. For the remaining years of the war both the High Families and the Republic lost and gained ground over one another.

Finally in 1748AD the High Families managed to launch a raid on the Republic Government building killing the President and her supporters. Following this raid the Republic was once again reformed back into the Empire and Arthur Atreides was made the New Emperor.

Post Civil War

Following the Civil war the Empire was rebuilt. In 1821AD a Fleet was sent to the Mediterranean and landed on Sardinia and Corsica islands. Creating a new colony of the Empire and begin to influence the Independent Nations of the region.

In 1901AD the Parakkan Empire encountered a Nation known as Kirin Taq and a brief conflict erupted between the two nations over piracy. However, in 1902AD a treaty was signed that both Nations would cease all piracy against each other and open up trade between the two nations.

In 1935AD the Parakkan Empire along with other nations formed the Solar Alliance, the purpose of that alliance was to try and maintain World Peace and address world issues as a collective not just on an individual bases.

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