The Solar Alliance Information Edit

  • Solar Alliance Building is located in Gar Jenna which resides in the The Empire of Parakka
  • The Solar Alliance Bank is located in Washington which resides in the The United Provinces of New Bacon
  • The members of the Solar Alliance have agreed by 11 votes to 7 that if a member liberates a territory then they are not allowed to lay claim to it after and should return it to its rightful owners
  • If Nation A closes a water way to Nation B (or multiple nations) then Nation B (or multiple nations) can appeal to The Protectorate of Solar Administrator to lift the ban for a specific reason. If Solar Administrator says that nation B can pass through the water way then Nation A must respect that and let them pass. If it is refused then enforcement measures can be taken by Solar Administrator
  • - We will be adopting article 2 and 3
Role Play Information
Solar Alliance Information Datebase

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