The Parakkan Football league is broken down into 4 divisions for the main Empire and then each colony only has 1 division. The main Division within the Empire is known as Parakkan Elite Division, which consists of the top teams throughout the Empire and Colonies. It is also from that division players are selected to play in the National Team. Furthermore, there is also 2 Divisions for Women's football.

National Team

Parakkan football team

The national team is coached by Jack White. The national team tends to play the 4-4-2 formation as it plays to their strengths.

Currently the First Team consists off the following players:

  • Captain - Jay G. Smith (Forward)
  • Elliot Harris (Forward)
  • Adam Matthews (Midfeild)
  • Henry Pearce (Midfeild)
  • Thomas Miller (Midfeild)
  • Reece Johnson (Midfeild)
  • Camron Houston (Defence)
  • Westin Sweet (Defence)
  • Melvin Byers (Defence)
  • Jasper Mueller (Defence)
  • Aaron Colon (Goal Keeper)
Parakkan Sports Government Body

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