Section 1 - Starting Claims

1) All nations will be able to select three countries they would like based on their end role play objective, in order of preference.  

1a) United Kingdom, Ireland and France  

1b) A reason for why you want those nations will help determine if you have a better case for them, than someone else.

2) Once all claims have come in they will then be awarded based on a number of factors.

2a) Size of the nation requested

2b) How many nations are claiming that nation

2c) Reason for claims

3) In the event a country is claimed by two or more nations, it will be divided up where possible taking into the following factors

3a) Size of the requested nation

3b) Preference number of request

3c) Reasons behind wanting that nation

4) All claimants are expected to be flexible in their claims.

5) All claimants must be active.  If your not active between claims then don't expect to get your claims.  

5a) Its the responsibility of each nation when claims are refused that they have been active in the region

Section 2 - Claims

1) Every fortnight you can RP to expand upto three provinces/states or counties.

2) A group of Islands inside a box counts as 1 province

3) Claims, a nation can make three territory claims a fortnight

4) Claims cannot be changed unless agreed by the founder or a ruling by SASC

Section 3 - Claims Window

1) Claims window starts every fortnight on a Sunday at 12:00 (noon) gmt and last for 24 hours

2) On Tuesday the Founder or Map Editor will process the claims on a first come first served bases

3) On Wednesday if not Tuesday the map will be updated

4) MOST IMPORTANT no nation can intimidate newer nations over their claims to territory

Section 4 - War

1) When declaring war on another nation, please check with them first that they are happy to RP a war with you.... No one wants any dramas!

2) In the event of a war, unless the outcome (who going to win) has been mutually decided upon before hand well be decided on by a panel of by either The Founder or SASC.

2a) The Founder must be notified of all war RP's before they occur

2b) Please remember that other nations may decide to join in the RP as well.

2c) A war will need to be well thought out before hand and will be expected to last more than two real world weeks

3) When working out military numbers please use NSTracker and do not set your available population to more than 4%

3a) You cannot use war time figures outside of war time and when entering into a war, please be realistic when saying you are deploying your forces

Section 5 - General

1) All unclaimed territory on the map are refereed to generally speaking as the Independent States of (insert name)

2) In terms of Role Play, the Region acts as a mini World Assembly / United Nations.

3) Any role play from the [region]Solar Alliance[/region] will be carried out by the [nation]Solar Administrator[/nation]

4) If a nation leaves the region or Ceases To Exist (CTE) then they are forfeiting their land claims as a result unless the Founder is aware of a particular reason, may not be able to regain their territory

5) The Founder reserves the right to edit this at anytime without prior warning

General Information
Solar Alliance Information Datebase

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